Local 965 Hosts Picnic for Workers Day

Friends of Local 965 chat at Fayetteville's Veterans Memorial Park during the Local 965 Workers Day 2023 picnic May 1.

President Hershel Hartford threw a party for Local 965 members and friends, and many dropped by for conversation, hamburgers, hot dogs, cold drinks and sides. It was UA-Fayetteville Education Association’s first-in-a-loooooong-while May Day / Workers Day picnic. We met at Fayetteville’s Veterans Memorial Park.

While chatting was generally casual, Hershel formally welcomed the diners and explained the intent, that in-person dialogue is more effective and more fun than the panedemic era’s email, text and video-chat. He noted that plans are to host a similar cook-out in the fall, on Labor Day naturally, as well as continuing well into the future.

Also speaking was a longtime supporter state Rep. Denise Firmin Garner, D-Dist. 84. Her husband, Hershey Garner, M.D., later completed our membership application.

Denise is known for being a shutterbug at events such as ours, and we are proud to showcase her skills here. We are grateful.

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