Collective Action – rights and strategies forged in America
– cannot be barred by Arkansas. We’ll be seeing you.

We Are in the Arena

For a union to be effective in the 21st century, especially in an open-shop state, we not only represent our members but stand for all our fellow employees, a point set in the Constitution of the Local.

Our vision for a union: People who willingly bind together to make a better workplace and a better town and a better country. It is not for people sitting on the sidelines. We are in the arena.

We are volunteers who have committed ourselves to the cause of a stronger, more equitable community. Some members happily pay their dues and leave the activism to others. We appreciate them. We treasure their identification as members of the Local 965. Still, more helpful are members who stand up in the moment to say, “Hey, we should do something about this.” More helpful is a member saying, “Where is our statement about this troubling event or that inspiring cause? I will write one.”

We have spent years fighting for fair pay for employees. We campaign year-round for a safer workplace, from ensuring health remains a priority to returning to a gun-free campus. We of the 965 put ourselves on the line, we set our names to issues and causes. 

We Have History Here

UA-Fayetteville Education Association/Local 965 represents employees of the University of Arkansas flagship campus. As originally named, the Arkansas Public Employees Union, Local 965, was founded Aug. 3, 1962, in Fayetteville, Arkansas. According to its charter dated Jan. 1. 1966, it represented public employees in nine counties in Northwest and north central Arkansas.

Logo for Arkansas Education Association, square
Logo for the National Education Association

From the beginning, most 965 members comprise U of A employees. By affiliating in 2020 with the Arkansas Education Association/National Education Association, Local 965 UA-Fayetteville Education Association comprises U of A workers at all levels in this city.

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