Local Welcomes Students at Razorbash

Local 965 officers Secretary Ben Pollock, President Bret Schulte and Vice President Mike Pierce talk Aug. 24 with Univeristy of Arkansas employees at the 2022 Razorbash community fair on the Fayetteville campus.

Local 965 responded to dozens of queries Aug. 24 at the 2022 Razorbash outside Arkansas Union on Aug. 24, visiting with students, staff and faculty members and a couple of parents of students.

Visitors to the booth picked up information about UA-Fayetteville Education Association/Local 965, a chapter of the Arkansas Education Association, a division of the National Education Association, as well as logo pens, highlighters and other reading material, including a flyer for the Local’s Sept. 6 public panel discussion “The Fight for the Future of Reproductive Health at the University of Arkansas.”

Its table was run by 965 officers as well as AEA President Carol Fleming and AEA UniServ Director Renee Johnson.

The annual Razorbash fair web page states it “features booths from local businesses, community groups and non-profit organizations, that will provide free food, giveaways, and information. Razorbash 2022 offers students an opportunity to connect with the local community.”