Here is the dues table for 2020. All of the amount save about $3 goes to the Arkansas Education Association and its parent the National Education Association. Also, the structure of the rates, by general job title or description rather than salary range, is the preference of AEA/NEA. The roughly $3 comprises Local dues. It is approximate so that the monthly amounts end in x5.00 or x0.00, for simplicity.

Dues will be collected by electronic fund transfer/bank draft in an arrangement to be set up by the Local’s treasurer at a Northwest Arkansas financial institution. We no longer will use payroll deductions to protect your privacy. We will not levy back dues from our split with AFSCME. Dues will resume when we start the automatic payment plan and when members re-apply.

  • Full-time faculty — $50 a month
  • Full-time educational service professionals —$25
  • Part-time faculty —$25
  • Part-time educational service professionals —$13
  • Graduate teaching or research assistants who intend to teach as a career —a lower rate, awaiting confirmation from AEA/NEA

Is there any tax break from union dues? In a word, no. But here that is spelled out from the Turbo Tax gang and the H&R Block crowd.